Licensing and Pricing

Since 2019, the Wolfram Language Plugin is part of the JetBrains Marketplace and you need a license if you want to continue using it beyond the 30-day trial period. To subscribe to a license, please visit the Wolfram Language Plugin page.

In the spirit of other Jetbrains products, people who use the Wolfram Language Plugin for open-source projects or in an educational environment can apply for a free license. In detail, the following license schemes are supported:

Personal license

A Personal license is an option for private individuals who purchase a license with their own funds, and solely for their own use. Personal licenses are not to be purchased, refunded or in any way financed by companies.

People working on private projects or people who want to actively support the development of the Wolfram Language Plugin can get this license for a small subscription fee which can be paid monthly or yearly.

We offer this license for approximately 3 Euro/month if paid monthly or 30 Euro/year if paid yearly. The price is similar to or smaller than what you would pay for one beer in a bar in Germany.

Commercial licenses

A Commercial license is the standard licensing option for organizations and business entities. Licenses are purchased by the company and can be used by any single person within this organization.

We offer this license for approximately 12 Euro/month if paid monthly or 120 Euro/year if paid yearly.

Free license for open-source developers, students, and educators working in academia

People working on open-source Wolfram Language projects will have the opportunity to get the Wolfram Language Plugin free of charge. This license is for people who give something back to the Wolfram community by using their expertise to provide Wolfram packages and share them with the public.

Educators, students or people working in academia can also get the Wolfram Language Plugin free of charge. The reason for that is that scientists might not always be able to share their latest research work and wouldn’t be able to get a free open-source license of the plugin. However, like educators, they work for the greater good pushing the boundaries of science and spreading knowledge. Therefore, people who can prove their association with a university or school will get the Wolfram Language Plugin for free.

Free license and other discounts include more groups and for detailed information, you can visit the special offers of IntelliJ IDEA. Once you have an open-source or educational license for your Jetbrains product, visit the Wolfram Plugin Marketplace and select the appropriate entry in the Discounts available box of the Pricing tab.