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Code-insight features of the Mathematica Plugin will vastly increase your programming speed
Use the Structure-View to navigate easily through large files, searching for definitions, options, messages, and many more
Smart completion for defined warning- and error-messages
Smart completion for Options of built-in functions
You can surround code with other expressions or use templates to easily create code
Support for folding special Mathematica characters like \[Gamma] into their real unicode display form
Use Live-Templates to insert many predefined constructs
Use smart completion to tag comments appropriately

Mathematica plugin for IntelliJ IDEA

What exactly does the plugin?

It is an easy-to-install plugin for almost all IntelliJ IDEA based IDEs, which turns them into a powerful development tool for Mathematica and Wolfram Language  code. The plugin and the Community Edition of IDEA  are open-source and therefore completely free of charge.

Who should use it?

Mathematica users, who don't necessarily rely on the Mathematica front end to write code and who like sophisticated editing features. Developers, who like to work in a full-fledged environment with project management, version control and easy browsing of your code.

Why should you use it?

Because it is fun to develop in an environment that knows everything about your code. It provides you with on-the-fly intelligent auto-completion because it knows all  Mathematica functions, their options, and their documentation and can give you everything in an instant. The plugin analyses the code you write and will auto-complete local variables, defined functions, and it will highlight errors and tell you what is wrong.

This, in combination with the endless features of IntelliJ IDEA, gives you a development experience you never want to miss again.


Please note that the plugin development team is very grateful to receive high-end Java development tools free of charge from Jetbrains and YourKit because these companies do care about open-source. Check out the Supporters section for more information.

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